A fun filled summer with education added!

Summer is a time for relaxing swimming, painting in the park, making new friends and looking forward to new adventures.  Stage plays, fun but educational field trips that will set the foundation for future learning.  We can't leave out education day. Students tend to loose some of the academic information gained during the school year. For this reason we have one day set aside for academic recap.  This day can be used to bring in materials that needed extra work during the school year or to do a book report or read a good book. Master Chef Jr. Cooking competition start from age 7-12. All of the children from 5- 12 learn to use a sewing machine to male pillows and an outfit to wear for the end of the summer talent show. Photography class has used many parents to add cameras to the Christmas list. Teens ages 13-16 can volunteer in our teen work program. The participants learn work ethic, communication, leadership skills and team work. This program runs the entire summer.      

    Great water adventures

              Stage Plays

      Visual arts opens up path ways for academic learning. 

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