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Angie Casper Bakosh  recommends Creative Children of Promise Academy.

March 7, 2019 · 

My daughter Charlee has never been to pre-school or even a babysitter other than family. As a Mom.. I was horrified to send her to a stranger that I knew nothing about! The first time I met Miss Danielle I knew she was someone I could trust with my baby girl! Charlee and I went to visit Miss Danielle and the other kids. She was incredible! Miss Danielle would lie on the ground and play/teach the kids! I thought..she really cares about these kids! Well.. the first day Charlee was so excited until she realized I was leaving! The tears started with Charlee and ME! Miss Danielle told me to count to three, give her a kiss and leave! I did that and sat in my car crying for 30 minutes before I could leave! The best part.. Miss Danielle sent me numerous pictures that day of Charlee smiling and playing! She cares about the Mom and Dads too!! Charlee LOVES going to school! I would 100% recommend CCOPA!! I’m amazed at how much my girl is learning!

Angie Casper Bakosh


Jeanne McIntosh  recommends Creative Children of Promise Academy.

June 14, 2019 · Small student teacher ratio. Christian values and character are taught. Safety is a priority. Quality instruction. The physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social needs of a child are met.

Jeanne McIntosh


Kevin Hunt  recommends Creative Children of Promise Academy.

April 9, 2019 · 

I am very pleased on how my daughter is treated at this school/ daycare. I have always been skeptical on daycare's because of videos all over the internet on how kids are treated behind closed doors but I can honestly say I have never questioned my daughters safety or her schooling. I highly recommend this school to every parent out there. On the plus side my daughter has never been more closer with God than she has here and I absolutely love that!

 Kevin Hunt

Carol Hughes  recommends Creative Children of Promise Academy.

May 1, 2019 · We had enrolled my great grandson in another daycare, which ended up being a disaster. When we found out about this daycare, we were hopeful, and have been more than thrilled with the contrast with the other daycare experience!! The staff is so kind and helpful and our little guy is doing so great! I’m so thankful for this daycare, and can’t say enough good about this daycare experience!

Carol Hughes

Timber Cox  recommends Creative Children of Promise Academy.

April 17, 2019 · Best decision I have ever made as a mother was putting my daughter into this school! She has excelled tremendously over the past year and half not only academically but her personality has grown as well. Amazing teachers who truly care about our children. What more can we ask for as parents? Contact us today!

Timber Cox

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